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by Kristine on January 1, 2013

We’re on our last day of 2012.

I feel like this year literally flew by. It included a ton of highs – traveling (Vegas, Kauai, Big Sur, Napa, Vegas, Tahoe (x5), eight beautiful weddings of very close friends, wine festivals, getting my Pilates teaching certification, finding a new and wonderful job at a fantastic company, the Giants SWEEPING the World Series, wonderful and memorable times with friends, family, and boyfriend, and of course, scouting out every possible dog in San Francisco (I swear their numbers have increased since 2011).

It also included one very large low – the dreaded heel stress fracture.

Thankfully the high’s outnumbered the lows by about 100:1, the heel is healed, and running life goes on. I’m actually very much enjoying running no more than 3-5 miles at a time, and having so much more time to spend on other things. Who would have thought there’d be a silver lining?

I feel like I wait all year for the Holidays, and then December (or in my case the day after Thanksgiving through December) comes and goes in the blink of an eye (or again in my case, the clink of a champagne glass.)

At the end of last year I made a list of “goals” that I had for 2012. It’s clear to me now I was on some freak runner’s high post-marathon, but that’s neither here nor there.

I read through that post for the first time in a year today, and was pretty surprised that I stuck to… some of them.

  • Run a race every calendar month of 2012 – could be a 5K, 10K, 12K, or Half-Marathon… I’m not picky. Half Fail. I only made it to 6/12 races, but the ones I did race were: Kaiser Half, DSE 5K, DSE Coastal Challenge Trail 10K, DSE  Waterfront 10-Miler, Giant Half, Nike Women’s Half. In my defense I was registered for the Us Half, Healdsburg Half and CIM but couldn’t run due to the stress fracture (and lack of full marathon motivation, but lets just blame the injury), so I would have been at 75%.
  • Run a sub 1:50 Half Marathon. (Unofficial) Success. At the Kaiser Half, my Garmin read 1:49:xx, while my official time was 1:50. There was a cluster at the finish line, so I blame the woman that came to a COMPLETE STOP ON THE FINISH LINE for me not officially getting it. I’m still counting it. 
  • Cheer on friends at their races. Big, fat, fail. I was all amped up to do this, then I stress fractured my heel and threw a month long pity party for myself.
  • Explore a new (or several new) place(s) with boyfriend.  Kauai! We’ll also accomplish our first new destination of 2013 in a few short weeks – Southeast Asia!
  • Try out at least 1 new recipe a week in the kitchen Success. x3/week.
  • Try out at least 1 new SF restaurant a month. Success. And since we haven’t tried a new one in SF yet in December, we just-so-happen to have reservations at a supposed-to-be-amazing place we haven’t tried yet.
  • Volunteer at the SPCA 1x/week – If we can’t have a dog just yet, then I’m getting my dog fix once a week somehowFail. Fail. Fail. Fail. Mainly because the SPCA is far away. Also my workdays last approximately 12 hours with commuting time.
  • Weekend. Trips. – Camping, roadtrips, wine tasting, you name it. I want to do more of it. Check. Check. Check
  • Rescue a dog. Or more specifically, a labrador. Not yet – although gains in this department in 2012 include: approval from our landlord to get a dog, working at a dog-friendly company. 2013 my friends, 2013.


This holiday season was no different. (Although I’m pretty sure it included more champagne than years past if we’re being totally honest.)

It was a wonderful holiday for all, and I swear they just keep getting better and better.

With all that champagne and wine drinking, and Christmas cookie baking, I tried to make it a priority to fit in my workouts – balance right?

The week leading up to Christmas was pretty standard. Then it became a bit more challenging with festivities, last-minute shopping (regardless that I started shopping in OCTOBER, I was still battling the masses on Christmas Eve at the stores), recovering from holiday cheer (*ahem* wine and champagne), and gearing up for more at The Nutcracker and seeing the sights in SF.

But I managed to pull it off.

With the exception of my “Guys I swear I can hang with you and do your workout” day-after-Christmas that included a total body circuit, 2 mile run, and 4x up/down the Lyon St Stairs, my workouts took less than 45 minutes of my time (either a run or a Pilates class), and since we’re being honest, let me wear my new Lululemon purchases/gifts. Yes, I absolutely “needed” that Lululemon ear-warmer headband, thank you for asking. It’s like 50 degrees in SF afterall.

Exercising over the holidays also totally justifies my newly picked up gluten-free-gingerbread-man-cookie-or-chocolate-chip-after-every-meal habit.

Also on the exercise front, I mentioned that I had a goal to get back to my pre-injury pace (8:10-8:20/mile) for at least 3 miles. Well I’m here to tell you that most certainly did not happen. Not even close. Not even within 30 seconds/mile close. I’ve been running at a 9:00-9:30/mile pace and just fine with it.

I want to take a couple days before I commit to any 2013 goals, but rest assured they will be there. (Mom I’m sure you’re the only one that’s worried about me not having any direction in the upcoming year, so don’t worry, I’ll figure out some “resolutions” that don’t involve begging you to get a dog then offering to babysit it all day, every day.)

With that, I’m off to get a head start on tomorrow’s New Years Day meal, and then get ready for New Years Eve celebrating tonight! We have late-seating dinner plans with friends at what we’ve heard is an amazing restaurant.

Hope you have a safe and very Happy New Year!

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