Barry’s Bootcamp London

by Kristine on October 23, 2014

Obviously no matter where I am, I find time to sweat. And I find places to sweat.

Lacking access to a gym (Equinox is on High Street Kensington which is not exactly remotely close to where I stayed in Tower Hill), and not wanting to run every day while I’m here (I actually never thought I’d say that in my lifetime), I sought out one of my favorite workouts – Barry’s Bootcamp.

You know I love Barry’s. But, I’d only ever been to Barry’s in SF (it’s been open since this past June, so about 4 months).

Barry’s London has been open since February 2013 and it is, without a doubt, the hardest I have ever worked out in a 60 minute period IN MY LIFE.


No bullshit.

Also, Ellie Goulding was there the same day I was. No Victoria Beckham sighting but I geeked out over Ellie. Clearly.


Right across from the Euston Underground Station (Northern Line). I took the Circle Line to Moorgate then transferred. Took 20 minutes max.



Looks pretty standard for a Barry’s – fuel bar, check-in desk, an area to sit and chill out with your smoothie, lockers, showers, retail.

Screenshot 2014-10-23 12.20.03


They also have some prepared food from The Good Life Eatery in Chelsea which is my favorite place on the planet.

Screenshot 2014-10-23 12.18.41

Compared to SF, the treadmills are a bit older but everything else is the same.

Oh – the weights are in kilograms. So I have absolutely no idea how much weight I was using. Medium’s for me were 5 kgs and heavys were 7.5 kgs. I was either too jetlagged or too tired to do the math, so I just rolled with it.


I took: Anya Lahiri, Sandy Macaskill and Alex Castro and I loved the hell out of each of them. I like their no nonsense approach, and how they won’t settled for everyone giving anything less than all they have. In the words of Anya, “What have you got to lose? You know, besides fat and calories.”

There’s no chance I’m not playing favorites so if you ever get the chance to take Anya’s classes (think she guest teaches in NYC and LA and I will be BEGGING the SF studio to bring her out) you absolutely MUST. This sums it up nicely.  I’ve never sprinted so hard on a treadmill. It was amazing. What makes it even better is how nice and welcoming Anya is. When she’s not telling you to “push the treadmill into the effing wall” during dynamic mode sprints of course.

Sandy’s class was more sets but just as tough. Sandy and his brother James own the studio and he’s an AMAZING instructor. Had I had more time in town, I’d be back for many more beatings from him.

Alex is also an incredible instructor. Here’s a bit about him. We did 4 minute sets in his class and GOOD GOD I was feeling it immediately. A sample of a tread set included running a 7.0-9.0 for a minute, 9.0-11.0 for a minute and then repeating it. BRUTAL but so effective.


No joke if I lived in London I would absolutely come DAILY. I really wanted to try Olly, Faisal and Shane’s classes as well but couldn’t make them work with my schedule.


The smoothies taste the same as they do in the states, but having food available for purchase is HUGE. Especially when I was on the go.


The workouts are the hardest I’ve ever done. It’s clear these instructors have been doing this a while and know exactly what they’re doing. The classes are also all PACKED. At most times of the day. True to Barry’s form, everyone in the studio (clients, employees, instructors) is beyond friendly. Everyone working there is welcoming, helpful and outgoing. I even made a friend while waiting for class to start who gave me some good recommendations. It truly is a fit family atmosphere at Barry’s.

I’m going to Barry’s in NYC in a few weeks and I’m interested to see how they compare/contrast while I’m there. But I’ll tell you this – I’m going to miss these London classes SO VERY MUCH.

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by Kristine on October 17, 2014

While I was fast asleep last night (HELLO 10 HOURS), this happened.

Screenshot 2014-10-17 23.41.48


Screenshot 2014-10-17 23.41.13


The GIANTS WON THE PENNANT. We’re going to the WORLD SERIES. 3 times in 5 years. Unbelievable.

I woke up to a video from boyfriend and a Facetiming session while he was still out celebrating and I got chills. Can you guys please wait until Saturday to win it all? For me? Thanks Giants, you’re the best.

There is absolutely nothing better than waking up rested and seeing that your team is going to the World Series. NOTHING.

(Boyfriend if you’re reading this a Labrador puppy with a bow around it’s neck on Christmas morning would be better. I’d still like the ruse of “Well, that’s everything! Oh wait, I think there’s one more gift….” to be used.)

We’ve gone to a World Series game every time the Giants have been in. In 2010 we had standing room only for Game 2 and I did not move from my spot for a solid 5 hours. At all.

Then, in 2012, we went to Game 1 and saw Pablo Sandoval hit 3 homeruns IN ONE GAME. I also had a boot on my stress fractured heel and crutched to my seat. That was fantastic. I also sat DIRECTLY NEXT TO Barry Watson from 7th Heaven. Who is a Tigers fan. And it was glorious watching him get drunker and drunker as his team started playing worse and worse. Sorry Matt Camden.

This year we’re hoping to get back to a game at AT&T park – StubHub don’t fail us now.

Let’s do the damn thing Giants.

London talk will resume at some point tomorrow. The Hackathon starts and with that, the start of 4 very busy days.

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