25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

by Kristine on July 23, 2014

You guys. I was beyond exhausted this AM. It’s like Cabo just caught up with me. I’m also beyond sore because I went to 2 SPX Pilates classes in a row Monday/Tuesday and…. well everything hurts. So getting up this AM was quite the challenge. In fact it barely happened and I still don’t know why I thought I only needed a double shot of espresso. Oh wait…. yes I do. It’s called being too lazy to make an entire French Press of coffee. Noted.

So I love this section of Us Weekly (you bet I have the iPad digital subscription – how does one survive running on a treadmill otherwise?) and after seeing it on a couple of blogs I read, figured I’d join in.

So let’s get at it.

1. As soon as I get to a hotel (or destination) I unpack my entire suitcase immediately. We’re talking toiletries, clothes in drawers, hanging items in the closet, shoes organized. The works. I cannot deal with living out of a suitcase.

2. I will not go anywhere near a tomato. Pureed form, I’m fine with. Chunks of tomato or slices of tomato need to stay far, far away from me. Ketchup included. Ironically Papalote Salsa continues to be one of my favorite foods of all time. I could drink that stuff.

3. I’ve watched Grey’s Anatomy since the first episode. And I’m probably one of the only people left on this planet that still watch (and DVR it). Meredith and McDreamy I can’t quit you.

4. In addition to Labs, I’m also obsessed with and want to own a Rottweiler. His name will be Brutus.

5. Boyfriend and I have also named the 2 labs (Black and Chocolate) that we will own as soon as we have a yard. We may or may not have had them named since 2010.

6. My favorite movie OF ALL TIME is Father of the Bride. I can recite the entire thing. I also feel the same way about hot dog buns that George Banks does.

7. I don’t ever want to run a full marathon ever again but I want to run Boston at some point in my life. You can see the conundrum I’m faced with here. This is also me not wanting to ever run a marathon while actually running a marathon.

Screenshot 2014-06-04 11.17.16

8. Sweet potato fries > regular fries

9. I’ve been to Hawaii roughly ~29 times, or once a year since I came into this world. Conversely I’ve only been to Mexico twice and the Caribbean once. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


10. I remember more French from 7-8th grade than I do from high-school AND college Spanish. Go figure.

11. My next bucket-list vacation? Alaska, Safari in Africa, Amalfi Coast of Italy, French Riviera, Greece/Croatia/Corsica/Sardinia, and Costa Rica. So really there’s several.

12. I legit like green juice. Even the really green kind.

photo 4

13. I have really good handwriting. Really good. Ironically my signature looks like chicken scratches.

14. My first job was coaching soccer camp. Which was basically my idea of the best summer ever from ages 13-17. I was outside, with my soccer teammates, playing soccer with little kids. I also got a TON of free Kappa gear. My paychecks paid for my Limited Too shopping addiction and also for Backstreet Boys tickets.

15. Speaking of Backstreet Boys, I once had 4th row seats at a BSB concert and stood on my folding chair like a maniac in those really high (you know the kind) Steve Madden Wedges. Brian signed a t-shirt and handed it to a guard who handed it to me and I was so… overly excited that my folding chair collapsed while I was standing on it.

16. My favorite cuisine is Mexican. The flavor profile never gets old and I could eat street tacos (only not from the street) daily. With guacamole. And pureed spicy tomato salsa.

17. My hair is naturally incredibly curly. I straighten it daily. Or you know… wear it up in a bun when I’m lazy (which happens daily).

18. I grew up with the best dog ever – a black Labrador named Max. We have a framed picture of him in our apartment.

19. I want to get Scuba certified.

20. I watch every Great White shark special on Nat Geo, Discovery and Travel Channel.

21. My favorite animal in the world is an Orca.

22. I sob uncontrollably when animals die in movies. (ie: Marley and Me, The Cove, etc). Blubbering mess.

23. I’m convinced that Emily Blunt, Olivia Munn and I would be BFF.

24. I’m also convinced I can sing. I haven’t convinced anyone else of this yet.

25. I take gummy vitamins because I hate taking pills. Some days I get a solid 4000% of my daily value of vitamins.

Tell me something about you! Or… just kill 5 minutes and read this. 

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I’m In Love With My Dinner.

by Kristine on July 23, 2014

I’m not one of those people who just dreams up recipes out of thin air and then immediately creates them.

Um, not me at all.

I’m one of those people that is like “I’m dying for a cheeseburger”, consults the fridge and pantry and works with what I have to either create a meal or consult my dear friend Google to for recipes.

Both happened last night.

photo 1

Boyfriend was wonderful and did our grocery shopping for the week while I was en route home from Cabo on Sunday. Since I’ve been talking about wanting ground turkey for several weeks at this point (yeah… I don’t know why either) I was thrilled to see he picked up some lean, organic ground turkey.

So last night while I was like 7 episodes deep into The Good Wife - there was one episode for free playing on Virgin America on our flight home and it happened to be the latest episode so obviously immediately got hooked and decided I needed to start the series from the beginning – not unlike how I used to read books as a child. What can I say, suspense is not my thing.

Oh but right, the burgers.

After finally realizing that Cary is actually Logan from Gillmore Girls, I knew turkey burgers were happening.

Boyfriend and I frequently slice up apples with a mandoline and put them on top of our burgers. The crisp sweetness of the apple always plays so nicely with the meat. It may just be us. I told my friend Carrie and she replied “I do not like fruit with my meat” – which is actually a very valid point.

But these burgers. They took about 5 minutes to prepare (not kidding, it was during one of Hulu’s massively long commercial breaks via Apple TV) and the burgers turned out beyond flavorful, moist and absolute perfection. In fact as I was eating them, alone in our apartment, I literally said outloud “WHY IS NO ONE ELSE HERE TO GUSH OVER THESE WITH ME?”.

Also sidebar – this is the ONE TIME you will ever read the m-word (refer to the description of the burgers above) on this blog. I despise this word but after consulting a thesaurus there were no viable alternatives. Tomato tomahto.

Once the burgers were set, I needed a side. Conuuuuuuundrum. I consulted the crisper and found the bag of Cruciferous Crunch greens I bought late last week pre-Cabo. It’s like I knew I’d be over street tacos, tortillas and guac after 72 hours of it. The mix has shredded kale, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli… and possibly something else.

I was horrified at the thought of eating any of these things raw, but really didn’t want to dirty another pan sauteeing or stir-frying them. (I know.)

So naturally they needed to be massaged with something delicious. So I found this recipe. And rather than chopping anything just used the greens I had. And used lime juice instead of lemon because that’s what we had. And added a teaspoon of tahini because I’m obsessed with tahini and I think everything is better with a little tahini. You should make this dressing. And put it on everything. I’d also highly recommend buying the Cruciferous Crunch greens because you’ll save yourself like 10 minutes of chopping and not have to wash your knife or cutting board. Or if you’re fancy and have a dishwasher… chop away.

So really long story short this was basically the best dinner of my life. Or at least one of them. So I naturally reheated leftovers and had the exact same meal tonight. With a poached egg on top because I recently learned how to poach an egg and I am now also obsessed with that. And our poach pots. Oh also half a baked sweet potato on the side with some coconut oil. Because I’m also obsessed with those things.

But let’s get to the burgers.

Apple Cheddar Turkey Burgers

photo 2


1 small apple (any kind, I used Fiji), chopped very fine

Ground turkey

1/2 red onion, chopped very fine

1 T dijon mustard

1/2c Dubliner cheddar (or cheese of choice)




Mix up all ingredients in a bowl (I chopped the apple/onion in a food processor)

Grill util done (~5 minutes each side). Since we don’t have a grill, I used a grill-pan on the stovetop.

I’m not kidding, these are so freaking good. I honestly think the poached egg and the sweet potato mixed in make this salad/burger thing even better. As in I fully smashed the potato and the egg and the burger and mixed it into this salad.

They would also be good eaten with a delicious toasted bun, more cheese on top, lettuce… all that good stuff. With fries. Definitely fries.

A healthy but very satisfying dinner.

And now back to The Good Wife.


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