Friday Faves {Volume 14}

by Kristine on April 24, 2015

Oh happy day – it’s FRIDAY!

After quite the exhausting week (and I had a 4-day week, which is sayin’ something), I’m looking forward to sleeping in (what’s up Bar Method 7am class 4 DAYS IN A ROW this week? Ok and one 5pm), relaxing, cooking up some delish food, popping open a bottle of great wine and kicking back.

My Bar Method studio is having an April Challenge to take 20 classes in 5 weeks. Naturally, I’ve been all over this. Since I’ll be traveling for work the last few days of the challenge I’ve been upping my game and attending class 5x a week… and today I took class #19. HOLLA.

Of note: Taking class 5x a week gets you results REALLY REALLY fast, your flexibility increases, and I’m finding I can do lower/deeper into the movements and actually do the push-ups on my toes (the majority of the time) rather than falling to my knees. Oh hey strength.

Promise I’ll run tomorrow. My runs have dropped to about once a week (by “about” I mean, I run once a week) and always on a weekend day. It’s a lot more enjoyable when I can leisurely run when I’d like to, for how long I’d like to, get outdoors and not have to worry about being strapped for time. Also I’m just really in love with Bar Method. #Fulldisclosure

Let’s get on to some favorites from the week shall we?


Heart you.

1) Recipes! For whatever reason I’ve had this recipe on the brain all week – so naturally at some point it’s going to have to happen. No-Noodle Pad Thai. Um yes. I’d substitute the tofu for some grilled chicken. Let’s also talk about these Flourless Coconut Pecan Oatmeal Muffins Rachel created using Essentially Coconut Butter. YES PLEASE. And this Avocado Mint Peach Breakfast Smoothie from May. Avocados are a great way to get your smoothie nice and creamy, add some healthy fats, and cut down on sugar (if you’d normally use a banana). Also – that green!

Screenshot 2015-04-24 09.43.07


Screenshot 2015-04-24 09.55.56

Screenshot 2015-04-24 09.55.23


2) What the Lululemon Vancouver HQ Team Wears To Work. HELLO NEW FASHION BIBLE. But seriously. I love mixing active wear with street wear (and even going out wear) and I took some serious notes from this article – and also I’m glad I’m not the only one that wears a Lululemon Sports Bra to more than just a workout class. JUST SAYING. (Additionally my favorite Joie kicks are onsale currently and would go great with some Lululemon pants. Just saying.)

Screenshot 2015-04-24 09.46.23


Screenshot 2015-04-24 09.49.57

3) RESTAURANT OPENING – Aatxe. And it’s going to be GOOD. 

Screenshot 2015-04-24 09.53.46

The restaurant is the first project from former Flour + Water chef de cuisine Ryan Pollnow. The food is Basque cuisine with a 49-seat restaurant for a convivial dining style, complete with a large communal table, white marble bars and ledges for standing. The main offerings are traditional pintxos, small plates and larger cazuelas, inspired by Pollnow’s experiences as a young chef cooking in Spain— most notably a two-year stint at two-Michelin-starred Mugaritz— with regional Northern California influences thrown into the mix.

So really – who wants to grab dinner ASAP?

4) Plate

Get ready for THE greatest thing to ever happen to take-out… and it’s healthy! I got the chance to try out a Plate meal last week and you guys… game-changer. I’ve got a full-on interview with Plate founder Dylan Walker coming at ya next week but as a little sneak peek. Bonus? CURB SIDE PICK-UP. So no trying to find a parking spot on Chestnut in the busy evening hours when you’re getting a case of the hangries. IT EVEN COMES ON A CERAMIC PLATE that you then pop into the oven, heat up, and then pop out to have yourself a proper meal.


Plate is aimed for the urban professional that simply wants a healthier, tastier, more convenient option for their daily meals.  We want to be a source that they can trust to be looking out for them and providing them good, quality food.

If “What should we do for dinner?” is a daily stuggle for you, Plate can help. 

We both had worked long hours and did not have the energy to shop and cook a good meal.  However, we wanted an option that was healthier and more comforting than restaurant food and / or the typical delivery or take home options.  Thus, the idea for Plate was born to develop a food option for urban professionals that was healthy, convenient, and delicious.

5) SoulCycle EXPANSION.

Screenshot 2015-04-24 10.03.23

Chicago just opened, The Castro studio is opening soon. Here’s your guide to the 8 Summer Openings. I’ll be in NYC next week and can’t wait to take this girl’s amazing class. Anyone wanna come? We’ll brunch/smoothie/coffee after, promise.

With that – have a great weekend!

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So this weekend. ALL THE FUN.

Seriously. Boyfriend and I kicked it off at the Giants game (where… well we lost but there WERE Fireworks, so… silver lining?), slept in on Saturday, I got a 3-mile run in (not at all enjoyable thanks headwind), and then we hit a U2/Tom Petty Coverband Concert. WHICH WAS AWESOME. After a late night on Saturday, I woke up early, slammed a coffee, inhaled an omelette and got picked up by my mama.

Our destination? Wine Country.

It was the ultimate mother-daughter, girl’s weekend you guys.

Going to try to lay out what we did (and where we ate!) so that it’s clear, easy, and concise. And dedicate an entirely separate post to what I learned at the Culinary Institute of America class that we took. (Spoiler alert: SO MANY THINGS)

St. Helena

We got up to St Helena in time to take a tour of the Culinary Institute… onto to find out due to a private event that day, there were no tours. Since our class didn’t start for a solid 90 minutes, we ventured into town to grab a bite to eat (and to coat our stomachs before the wine!). Yelp recommended Market, and my mom mentioned she’d heard about it recently from friends.

Market: Beautiful ambiance and setting in downtown St. Helena. The restaurant was crowded but not loud and had plenty of space. We sat right up front overlooking Main Street. Fantastic Salads (Little Gem, Asparagus, Peaches, Almonds, Chicken), and from my mom’s review, an excellent Bloody Mary. The service was wonderful, the staff friendly, and it was the perfect way to kick off our day.

FullSizeRender IMG_5170 IMG_5171

Culinary Institute of America: I had gifted my mom with a CIA giftcard for Christmas a couple years back and we decided to take an afternoon class together. We choose “California Cheese and the Wines That Love Them” and I HIGHLY recommend it. Our instructor was personable, informative and very well-versed in the subjects and we learned so much about cheese and wine pairings. I can’t wait to put together a cheeseboard for our next get-together (full recap of this portion of the day coming later this week.)

IMG_5161 FullSizeRender_1 IMG_5189


Dean and Deluca: If you’ve ever wondered what my idea of HEAVEN looks like, this would be it. We stopped in on our way back to SF and… no joke I could spend HOURS in there. All the foodie things. ALL OF THEM. I make sure to always pop in when I’m in NYC, and we had to do the same while up in wine country. Everything is cuter and more delicious there. That first photo? SALT. There is VANILLA BEAN SALT in this world. Also Mast Brothers chocolate – THE best chocolate in all the land. You probably can’t tell but those apples? Only HEIRLOOM Pink Lady Mini Apples. The cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I want to live in Dean and Deluca. Forever.







Indian Springs Resort: We stayed at the Indian Springs Resort in one of their Hill View rooms and loved it. Spacious room, quiet, and an outdoor area. There were bikes to rent to bike around the property or into downtown Calistoga, a spa we’ll definitely be taking advantage of next time, and a feel that you were far, far away from the Bay Area. Really lovely.



Solbar: Solbar is the restaurant at the Solage Calistoga. One look at the menu and I knew where we had to eat dinner. We arrived early and strolled the grounds before grabbing a drink by the outdoor firepit before our reservation. Once inside and after obsessing over the decor, orders were placed. Solbar has half the menu as lighter, more “spa like” fare, and half for a heartier meal (usually including meats – pork, duck, beef, etc). I started with the Lolla Rossa Salad and my mom went with the Chopped Winter Salad (the presentation was flawless). I went with the Hamachi for my entree and it was perfect – with a Cucumber Meyer Lemon Salsa. So, so good. The Organic Mary’s Chicken my mom got was incredible. Perfectly cooked, perfectly portioned. We actually went back the next morning for breakfast and it was perfect – locally roasted French Press coffee, a Veggie Skillet with Poached Eggs, and made-to-order green juices. Couldn’t recommend this place more highly. The service was also outstanding on both visits.



Screenshot 2015-04-21 15.22.06 Screenshot 2015-04-21 15.22.28





And there we have it! Waking up at 6am for Bar Method this morning was not quite the same as waking up to a leisurely breakfast in Calistoga, but that’s what makes those weekends the most special of all right? An amazing time with an amazing mom – can’t wait for our next one!

Hope you have a great week!




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