Wait – the weekend’s already over? WHY DO BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE?

This was necessary this morning. (Iced Ecstatic with Almond Milk and Fresh Mint). Now I’m ready to start the week.


This weekend was perfect in every way. Actually, aside from my Wildcats losing. Aside from that, it was perfect.

When weekends include: sleep, good food, good wine, sunshine, exercise and time with your favorite people… well that’s 48 hours well spent. Before we get to talking about one of my favorite foods as of late, here’s a little photo dump of some snapshots from the weekend taking up storage on my iPhone.

IMG_4743Friday night we made homemade sushi rolls. I made mine with cauliflower rice. IT WAS AMAZING. So was that Rombauer Chardonnay but you knew that already.IMG_4763My Wildcats may have lost, but the view at Bar Bocce and dinner and drinks with close friends helped to dull the pain.IMG_4749When you wake up at 7:30am on a Saturday for an early-access Lululemon sale, you score outdoor seating at La Boulange. And big bowls of lattes.

FullSizeRenderNorthern California/Bar Bocce I love you too much.

IMG_4742Boyfriend’s brown rice sushi rolls – I’m starving just looking at that handroll.

IMG_4734The spread- nori, avocado, carrot, red pepper, mango, cucumber, ahi, crab and cauliflower/brown rice.

IMG_4786Sunday Supper – Seared Ahi with a Cucumber/Mango/Red Onion/Lime Juice Salsa and Spiralized Butternut Squash Curly Fries seasoned with Salt, Cumin and Chile Pepper. It. Worked.

IMG_4772One of the best kale salads of all time – shredded kale, Brussels, Toasted almonds and perfectly crispy salmon at Bar Bocce. Not pictured – a glass of buttery chard to wash it all down.

FullSizeRenderRUNNING. Got in a pair of 3-mile runs this week (one solo, one with my brother). Those endorphins have been so lovely.

IMG_4655What is winter?

IMG_4681Oh look, Kristine’s being a weirdo and taking photos of other people’s dogs again. After I snapped this picture, I hugged them. #butreally

So there’s a little peek into the weekend.

Something else that happened? ALL THE ACAI.

We all know my smoothie obsession. I’m practically incapable of starting the day without one. Lately though? ACAI BOWLS. They’re all I want. It’s like the perfect combination of everything that’s good in the breakfast world – creamy, crunchy, fruit, Almond Butter, Granola, ALL OF IT. (I categorize egg meals as “brunch” leaving room for interpretation there.)

I finally perfected my ratios too. And resisted the urge to add too many things. Purity is key here friends.

Acai Bowls:

1/4-1/2c liquid (Cashew Milk is GOLDEN for this, but fresh squeezed OJ or Almond Milk works too)

Frozen Banana

Frozen Strawberries

Frozen Acai Packet

1T Almond/Cashew Butter


Then top – with fruit, coconut, granola (I like Larabar Renola because it’s grain-free but I also make my own via Against All Grain) , and honey.

I can’t stop with these you guys. And don’t think it’s just the homemade variety either. Oh no, I’m also a frequent connoisseur of Acai establishments in SF. Which speaking of, my quest for the best restaurant-bought Acai Bowl continues. Stay tuned.



How was your weekend? And yes the comments probably won’t work today. They’re sassy and finicky like that. I’m working on it….

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Friday Faves {Volume 10}

by Kristine on March 27, 2015

Friday. And it’s supposed to be like 70 degrees all weekend long. YES PLEASE. We’ve got the perfect mix of fun and relaxation on the agenda for this weekend and I’m excited already. Someone get me a big glass of Chardonnay and let’s just get this party started already.

But not without talking about the Arizona Wildcats moving on to the Elite 8!! It was a scrappy win, but a win’s a win. BEARDOWN. Let’s do this Wisconsin, REMATCH TIME.

Thought I’d switch up the format of Friday Faves moving forward. Throughout the week I literally have like 27 tabs on my browser open from articles I find interesting, etc and wanted to share those as well as some more specific favorite things from the past week. Ya dig?

Some things of interest from around the interwebs:

  • Grace wrote about 10 Easy Ways To Be Healthier. I met Grace after taking Hallie’s SoulCycle Community ride so I will say she absolutely practices what she preaches. These tips are easy and they are realistic. (Echo your sentiments on the Vitamix BTW.)
  • The Truth About Alkaline Water. I’ve been hearing about it everywhere lately and was so pumped when I scored some at Trader Joe’s and chugged the entire bottle. I’ll keep drinking it regardless because it tastes good and comes in a big bottle so you get a LOT of water at once but interesting read nonetheless.
  • I very clearly do not Tinder, but I was laughing my ass off at How To Escape A Tinder Nightmare.
  • Are you a junk runner? I’ve definitely been guilty of this in the past.
  • Do you read May or Blair or Rachel‘s blogs yet? Or follow Jeanette on Instagram? WHY NOT? Some of my very favorites.
  • 8 Things You Need to Know RIGHT NOW (Sidebar: I’m obsessed with Jonathan Groff so let’s get him in another series STAT.)
  • I WANT EVERYTHING. (Re: Lily Pulitzer x Target. April 19. Set an alarm. Or don’t so that I can snag the good stuff first.)

1) Espadrilles.

Screenshot 2015-03-25 14.30.47

I’m clearly having an Espadrille moment. When you live in SF you walk, a LOT. Ergo I live in flats most of the time. Most of the time. I’m no dummy to the power of a great pair of pumps, skinny jeans and a white v-neck t-shirt friends. Anyway. Espadrilles go perfectly with skinny jeans, chinos, white jeans, shorts, dresses, skirts, EVERYTHING. I’ve already invested in these (on sale now!). And these. And I really want these. OK and these.

2) 5 Smoothies For Energy in the AM

I start every single day with a smoothie. If I have a second breakfast, it’s eggs, but first thing? Smoothie. I’ve actually gone away from using any type of Protein Powder in favor of natural ingredients and my smoothies have never tasted better. This list of delicious smoothies from Refinery 29 and GrassRoots Juicery in Brooklyn NY all look amazing. I made the Spiced Wisdom and OMG it’s good. Held me over for hours too. With Cold Brew Coffee because I am an addict. Next up? The Sweetheart (subbing Coconut Oil for Olive Oil because that’s just how I roll.)

3) London Food Scene

Foodies rejoice because the scene has EXPLODED since I lived there in 2006. So. Much. Goodness. My favorites? Ottolenghi, Nopi, Nobu, Babylon at the Kensington Roof Gardens, Heddon St Kitchen and Raw Press for some healthy goodness. Say what you want about Gwyneth but the woman’s got taste. Can’t wait to start checking these off my list on my next trip across the pond. I had a meeting at 8 Hoxton Square a couple weeks ago and the delicious smells and decor alone will make you want to stay, eat, and drink (out of adorable wine jar glasses) for hours!

4) Real Food SF

You guys. Paleo and Whole30 friendly BAKED GOODS. And they’re GOOD. The mini muffins disappeared in our house in a matter of hours. Real Food SF was generous enough to let me sample some of their products and I can’t say enough good things about them.

Real Food Kitchen is an artisan baked goods company specializing in paleo friendly, grain-, gluten-, dairy-, and soy-free snacks and sweet treats. 

Everything at Real Food Kitchen is entirely handmade from scratch in small batches. We commit to using only high quality,  nutrient-dense, and real ingredients in all of our baked goods without ever compromising taste. 

Our mission is to provide insanely delicious and unprocessed snack options for fellow food lovers, healthy eaters, and people with food allergies while promoting health and wellness one sweet bite at a time. 

Our goal is to prove that it is possible to eat whole when you have the option to choose the right treats.  

I treated my SoulCycle pals to the cookies and brownies and all were met with RAVE reviews. Definitely check them out.




5) Secrets and Lies

This show is so damn suspenseful and frustrating (RYAN PHILLIPE WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID SOMETIMES) but so addicting. I absolutely love it and I’m dying to find out who did it. (Although naturally, I have my theories). I also find Juliette Lewis to be the most disturbing detective in history – I feel like law enforcement can’t really act like that. Right? Also I’m predisposed to hate Ryan Phillipe (re: Reese Witherspoon circa when he cheated on her), he’s prettyyyyy easy on the eyes. Acting skills TBD.

That’s all I got. Go forth and weekend.

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