So I did it.

It’s done.

20 Barry’s Bootcamp Classes. 5x a week. 4 weeks.


How do I feel?

Now that’s I’ve had ~3.5 weeks to get my sea legs back, quite honestly like I have treadmill/heavy weight PTSD and I never want to see or use either for a very long time.


Since completing this “challenge” I set out for myself, I’ve been back at my happy places – Bar Method and SoulCycle.

Let’s walk through Week 4 and then get to the Final Thoughts.

Monday – Arms & Abs – Alvin

I somehow was able to stay off of the couch long enough to get home from work and make my way to Barry’s for a 6:40pm class. Which feels really late to someone with a 9:30pm bedtime on weeknights. I love any class Alvin teaches and this one was no exception. He pushes you to just the right point past your comfort zone and he focuses on simple but effective exercises. For someone with zero coordination this is a very good thing. I’m also pretty sure it was because it was Week 4, but good lord I was hurting the next day.

Tuesday – Butt & Legs – Vanessa

Two Barry’s classes in 12 hours. Do not recommend. Really do not recommend when the second class is your first DOUBLE FLOOR Butt & Legs class. Which should not be allowed. Which is essentially lunges and squats FOR AN HOUR. Biggest mistake of my life. Will never repeat. I was actually jealous of people running on a treadmill. I wanted to be them so badly. FOMO. (Vanessa you’re wonderful.)

Wednesday – Chest, Back & Abs – Brian

Due to an early meeting at work, I hit an evening class at the Soma studio. It’s smaller, it’s not as familiar, and it’s just not my favorite. Give me my spacious Marina studio any day within walking distance to my shower/bed/couch/dark chocolate/sweat pants. I was also feeling pretty wiped – so wiped that during one of the floor sets I opted out of even using the bands so that I could complete the exercise. #keepinitreal

Thursday – Abs – Brian

My least favorite class of the week (abs) but made better with Brian’s legit playlist. Also to note: my abs were perpetually sore in Week 4. The entire time.

Friday – Full Body – Brian

LAST DAY! I took an evening class with Jane to celebrate the two of us finishing our Academy (she’s even more hardcore and is doing it again this month. Unsubscribe.) I was tired AF for this class. I don’t know if it was mental or physical or both but I just didn’t have it in me. For any of it. Thankfully chips, guac and cocktails at Tacolicious afterwards brought me back to life.

Hashtag BALANCE.

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed this challenge – honestly. Is it something I’d do every day of the week ever again?

Absolutely not.

But then again, Barry’s wasn’t a workout I regularly did several times a week. I love a good sweat and a challenging workout (once I stop having a physical reaction every time I see a treadmill.)

Barry’s is hard. There’s no way to sugar coat it. It pushes you, you’ll hate the workout/instructor/your life during the 55 minutes you’re in class. And you’ll be sore. But it’s not impossible.

I also prefer a dance party in a dark room on a bike that goes no where. But that’s not news for anyone who knows me. I love the camaraderie and the community of the pack.

First time?

-Take weights on the lighter side. No one will yell at you if you take 5lb weights when the instructor calls for 10lbs.

-Walk/run if you need to. No one will make you feel like less of an athlete if you aren’t at the recommended treadmill speeds or you need to take a minute to walk. This is your workout.

-You get what you put in and you’ll get stronger and faster every time. Trust me. You’ve got to do what’s right for your body. I dropped to my knees during push-ups every, single class of the 4 weeks. I still can’t do push-ups on my toes for the entire prescribed time. But I’m OK with it because I try as hard as I possibly can.

You don’t need to be the best, you need to do your best. There are always going to be people who can run at 12.5 on a treadmill. I will never be one of them. I was able to get to an 11.0 sprint once and that was awesome for me.

My Results?

I got faster–  8:34’s became my cruising pace. Hasn’t happened since my marathon days.

I got stronger– suddenly my 3lb weights at SoulCycle felt very doable. (Full disclosure: I still prefer 2’s and use those regularly)

Thanks for a great month Barry’s Bootcamp!

Have you tried Barry’s?

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Girl’s Weekend in Santa Monica

by Kristine on April 20, 2016


It was approx. 85+ degrees all weekend in LA and I was completely in my element. Completely. By a pool/beach the entire time that I wasn’t eating or drinking or riding at SoulCycle. I LOVE SUMMER. (Or… late spring. Same same.)

We came. We ate. We drank. We rode.

Want to know where? Got you covered.


No secret I effing love SoulCycle. Naturally when you find out there’s a studio ACROSS THE STREET FROM YOUR HOTEL and it’s like bed-to-studio in 4.5 minutes, you book as many classes as possible.

Not to miss? Todd Dunham (one of my favorite SF instructors now in LA), Lindsay Buckley (be my best friend please?) and Ben Bruker at Santa Monica.



  • GojiAcai bowls made with coconut milk and topped with fruit, coconut, agave and gluten-free granola. Exactly what you need after an evening of cocktails and an early morning SoulCycle class (Santa Monica)
  • EarthBar – Smoothies, acai bowls. Noticing a pattern? (Brentwood + Most Equinox locations)


  • GjelinaI have two words: BREAKFAST PIZZA.
  • Butcher’s Daughter All vegetarian and all delicious. I’ve been in NYC previously and we knew we had to go for Saturday brunch in LA. It’s located on Abbott Kinney and if you’re lucky enough to go during Coachella when everyone is in the desert, you can actually walk around and browse as you wait for a table. Get the Spicy Kale Caesar or the Avocado Toast Eggs Benedict. And a Kale Cucumber Mimosa(Venice)

IMG_1043 IMG_1039


  • Sweetgreen – ask me my favorite salad place on this planet and Sweetgreen will be the answer. I go multiple times when I’m in NYC or Boston and it was a non-negotiable in LA. Coincidentally the Berkeley location JUST OPENED. (Santa Monica)
  • Malibu Farm– We headed out to Malibu for lunch upon arriving in LA (give me that ocean breeze as soon as I step off the plane) and had salads and iced coffees on the pier. The cauliflower crust pizza also looked amazing. (Malibu)




  • Tasting Kitchen- I basically defer to my friend Megan on all things food/drinks/sweat wherever I go that she has lived. She knows all. So when she told me we had to go to Tasting Kitchen – we made a reservation at Tasting Kitchen. The cocktails were so, so good and the food was unbelievable. The Halibut literally melts in your mouth, the Flat Iron Steak is cooked perfectly, and the Gnocchi (I LOVE GNOCCHI) is amazing. Also to note? Their bread and salted butter essentially made my night. (Venice)
  • Sugarfish– This was a must-eat. You go, put your name in, drink wine at Esters for 90 minutes, and then come back and stuff your face with sushi. Order the Nozawa Trust Me and just eat your face off. The Halibut and Albacore are amazing, and the Tuna Belly Handroll (my favorite) is so good…. we ordered like 4 more. Also to note – the wine is cheap. (Locations in Brentwood + Santa Monica)



  • Salt and Straw- There was, no joke, a legit LINE AROUND THE BLOCK for ice-cream at 10:53pm. So naturally we waited in it, and got the best ice cream scoops I’ve ever had. The Chocolate Malted Cookie Dough is a must eat. (Venice)
  • Compartes Chocolatier THE BEST CHOCOLATE EVER. And I love my dark chocolate.



  • Esters Wine Bar– Where you go once you put your name in at Sugarfish. They also have amazing lavender almonds to munch on while you drink your wine and a really, really helpful bar staff who will let you taste about whatever you want before you make your final glass decision. (Santa Monica)
  • Bungalow at The FairmontBoth boyfriend and my brother had been to Bungalow and when Megan mentioned we had to get drinks there… we got drinks there. Definitely more my style on the early side with the happy-hour crowd we had more than a few cocktails here and had a great time. It gets scene-y (and CROWDED AF) as the night goes on, so just FYI. (Santa Monica)


There’s only like 1,463 more places to eat and drink on my list so clearly a return trip is in the works. ASAP.

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